White Swiss Shepherds

The White Swiss Shepherd is a loyal and athletic dog and, last but not least, an excellent guardian.

Overall picture

The White Swiss Shepherd can be described as:

  • a very loyal dog
  • an active family dog
  • a very good guardian

And they are so fantastic watchdogs! We live in a quite remote area surrounded by woods but thanks to our White Shepherds, no undesirable visitors dare to enter our property while we are away.

Loyal & athletic

The White Swiss Shepherd is the perfect dog for those who like jogging, wandering or just making some sport with their four-leg friend. This dog will always try to live as close as possible to his family: give him the love he deserves and he will be loyal to you for the rest of his life.

We strive for perfect quality standards

  • black nose
  • white fur
  • firm and athletic frame
  • black almond eyes
  • a well-proportioned head

For 12 years, our White Shepherds have been selected on the criteria of beauty, health and character. In order to renew the breeders’ origins, we regularly introduce new bloodlines from all around the world: France, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.


All our White Shepherds are tested and on:

  • HD
  • ED
  • DM
  • MDR1


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