Noble White

Welcome to Noble White, our familial Dog Breeding Farm!

Why ‘Noble White’?

The white dogs’ beauty, elegance and nobility naturally led us to name our familial breeding ‘Noble White’. We work only with the very best reproducers: we strive for beauty, healthiness and good character.

Familial and Professional Dog Breeding

Although Noble White is -and will remain- a familial dog breeding, we keep on striving for breeding healthy, beautiful and trustworthy dogs. We want to ensure that our customers will meet a four leg happy and healthy friend who will become a full member of the family for life.

Should you wish to see the place where the puppies grow up, please feel free to get in touch and you will have the opportunity to visit us: a wonderful property of 7.5 acres in the Province of Namur, nearby the Ardennes.


About Noble White

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