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Familial Dog Breeding of White Swiss Shepherds and White Golden Retrievers with the genuine Saint-Hubert pedigree.

Noble White

Our dogs grow up in a real paradise for animal lovers. Our 7.5 acres property, surrounded by woods and meadows, is located in the Province of Namur.

The four of us in the family have a real passion for dogs which is naturally being transmitted from one generation to another.

A passion for many years

My name is Helena Timmermans and I personally grew up amongst dogs and horses as my family was breeding them.

Breeding dogs naturally became my passion too, which led me to further specialize to become a professional breeder.

And same story for my husband Christophe: his grandfather was one of the best dog trainers in Belgium. People across the whole country came to train weekly with their Malinois and German Shepherds. He was a real dog whisperer!

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