Little friends to play with!

The first contacts with the world

Since their very first day, our puppies live in a wooden pen covered with straw where they remain during their first weeks.

At two weeks old, as their eyes and ears are opening and their curiosity about the outside world is developing, they start having access to our house with their mum a couple of hours per day. That will help them socialize and get used to all common sounds of a house.

Play and explore to discover the world

As they grow up, the puppies will get a larger access to our whole property to enable them to get in touch with the outside world. Our property is so extended that they will enjoy great explorations! They will meet not only other dogs but also cats and sheeps.

Playing and discovering the outside world give them the opportunity to grow up serenely and develop a confident character.

Professional socialization & education

From day one, our whole family is involved in socializing and educating the puppies.

Professional education and training are crucial for us: this is the good start which is fundamental during the puppy’s first months as it will influence his behaviour for the rest of his life.

Please note that you can pursue your dog’s education at Noble White even after adoption.


All our puppies receive vermifuge and leave our place chipped, vaccinated and clinically approved by our vet.

Any puppy who would not meet all our standards will stay with us.


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