Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever has been the ideal family dog ​​since 1990

Overall picture

The Golden Retriever can be described as:

  • very well-behaved and calm dog
  • gentle dog
  • an active friend to play with

A Golden Retriever will always heartily welcome you with a lovely wet kiss. He is everyone’s friend!

Sweet & gentle

Golden Retrievers are so sweet and nice that they are recognised as wonderful therapy dogs (for deaf/blind people). They are also very patient with children: no dramatic situation if a toddler pulled your dog’s ear before you can intervene.

In short: the Golden Retriever is a docile, calm and sweet dog who can become your best friend to play with.

We strive for perfect quality standards

We breed elegant not too large dogs with:

  • a black nose
  • dark brown eyes
  • white (cream) fur
  • a robust but well-proportioned head


All our Golden Retrievers are tested on:

  • HD
  • ED
  • Cataract
  • PRA1
  • PRA2
  • prcd PRA
  • DM


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